Why Custom Shirts Are Relevant to Your Fashion Sense?

You might be content right now with the readymade shirts that you have been wearing to the parties and the meetings. But trust us, if you just try custom shirts for only once, you will probably never opt for a readymade shirt ever again.

Custom shirts have been preferred by the people of OKC for ages. Why shouldn’t you give it a try?

The readymade shirts that are sold are often sized based on collar circumference and sleeve length. When we go in to buy one of these shirts, we often match ourselves with an available size of shirt. But if we opt for custom made shirts, we can customize every single detail according to our own body and preferences.


When it comes to the contribution of a shirt to one’s fashion statement, the cuffs play a very important role. In case of readymade shirts, you will have to go through some limited options and look for something that fulfills your requirement. And if you can’t find that, then you will have to settle for something else. But in the case of custom shirts, all you have to do is think of what you need in your cuffs and add it to the specifications when placing the order.


A shirt’s collar is also among the most important sections of a shirt. There are various types of collar available like button down, wing etc. While ordering for your shirt, you can choose your collar of preference. This way, you will have even more control over your entire attire.


Pockets are one of the most versatile elements of the shirt. Not only does it contribute something extra to your attire, it also can be used to keep light stuff like pens or cards. There are various types of pockets from which you can choose your own.


Often when you purchase a readymade shirt, the whole body of the shirt is based on the collar and cuff size. That is the reason why it is seen that someone buys a readymade shirt and the back panel does not look good on him. But in the case of custom shirts the shirt is made for that one person, so the body and the back panel of the shirt will look perfect on him.

Fabric and Buttons

Not only can you customize the size of the different elements of the shirt, you can also customize the material and the buttons it is made of. Which naturally means you can configure the color of your shirt too. This is not something that can be done in case of readymade.

Something for Everyone at Allton

No matter what your requirements are, a custom shirt can be easily made for you. And if you want to get one, then Allton’s Clothier is your best option. We have been satisfying our customers with top quality custom shirts for years. When are you getting yours?