Wedding Dress Codes: What You Must Know and Follow

If you are going to marry your life partner soon in OKC, then you are well aware of the fact that planning a wedding means a lot of decisions to make. We may pay attention to every single detail but often forget one of the most important parts – the wedding dress code. There is no doubt that both you and your partner have thought about the dress but what about your guests.

You may think that assigning the dress is outdated now but trust us, it’s not. The wedding dress code not only makes sure that the guests look cohesive with the party but also makes them more confident. However, if you do have not much idea about it, then read this article to learn more about suits and other things as well.

Being Most Formal

If your occasion demands the most formal dress, then choose the white tie combined with a tailcoat and trousers. A white wing-collar shirt and vest should accompany this ensemble, complete with patent leather shoes.

Black Tie Event

A black tie-level event directly means tuxedos. You will need classic black tuxedo suits since they go well on any occasion. However, if the situation demands it, you can choose some radical colors for your tux’s lapel, shawl and details.

Most tuxes go well with bow ties though you have the option of using a straight black tie as well. The shirt should have French cuffs with cufflinks, complemented by black socks in highly polished black shoes.

Formality Level- Regular

This is what we know as general business formal attire. You will be wearing suits though not a tux. Since this is the regular formality, you will still need a collared shirt with your suit but now you have a lot more freedom in choosing colors and fabrics.

In cooler seasons, darker colors with heavier fabrics are more well suited while in warmer regions and seasons, fabrics light in both weight and color are more in demand.

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