Unusual Trends of Formal Pants

Unusual Trends of Formal PantsThe word style and fashion are inter-connected but not the same. Style is what a person likes to wear or his way of dressing, strictly based on his comfort level. On the other hand, fashion is what is on-trend. Everyone’s style is based on their personality. Usually, men’s formal wear like trousers doesn’t get as much credit as blazers or shirts, but they sure deserve it! Trousers for men have been formal wear for a long time. This attire also has many styles and design options as per a person’s choice. You have to look for the right one for yourself.

Dress Pants

Dress pant is perfect for a corporate look. Wearing the same colored and styled shirt and trouser every day can become monotonous. In that case, a dress pant is the complete suit look you need. The main goal of these pants is to be able to tuck your shirt without wearing a belt. It has a sleek front pleat that runs through the centre. You can keep black or navy-blue dress pants for your business meetings and presentations.

Pleated Trousers

Pleated pants are suit pants in which pleats run from the front of both legs. It pleats, starts from the hip, and goes to the ankle. These pants are not very common among youngsters and are readily available in any men’s formal wear stores in Oklahoma. However, getting a customized one is better because it will get you the perfect fittings you need. This gives men a straight cozy fit which offers a slimming effect. The modern pleated pants mark the return of the 90s trend. You can throw in a crisp white shirt and enjoy your weekday looking trendy.


If you are unclear about keeping your look formal or not on some days, then opt for chinos. All the millennial men go for this style. It is for comfort and an endless color range. Chinos are also known as oxford pants, and the bottoms are hemmed and narrow fitted.

Checked Trousers

This trouser gives a true-corporate look and is made of well-knitted fabrics. You can wear it in sophisticated colors like grey, navy, ebony, or any solid color shirt.

Finding the Best Formal Pant for Your Body Shape

Choosing the right fitted pants according to your body is a necessity. If you have toned legs, then chinos can be your best buy. If you have long muscular legs, opt for oxford or flat front pants.

Dull Formal Wears? Never Again!

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