Tuxedos Can be the Ideal Choice If You Know-It-All

Regarding formal events, a tuxedo is the go-to attire for men. However, only some know the rules and etiquette of wearing a tuxedo. In this article, we’ll review the dos and don’ts of wearing a tuxedo to help you look your best at any formal event. This blog will help any man to get comfortable in a tuxedo. Read on to know how to become a fashion-centric gentleman in no time.


Do choose a classic tuxedo style: The traditional style is always in fashion when it comes to tuxedos. A black or midnight blue tuxedo with peak lapels and a single button is a timeless option that will never go out of style.

Get the right fit: An adequately fitted tuxedo is essential for looking sharp and comfortable. Ensure the jacket fits well in the shoulders, chest and waist. The pants should be tailored to your exact measurements and the length should be just right so your shoes are visible but not too much.

Wear a dress shirt: A dress shirt is necessary when wearing a tuxedo. Choose a white or black shirt with a wing or spread collar and make sure it fits well. The shirt cuffs should peek out about a half-inch from the jacket sleeves.

Do accessorize: A tuxedo is a perfect occasion to wear a bow tie and a black silk one is a classic choice. Cufflinks, a pocket square, and a cummerbund are also popular accessories. Just make sure you only do it with a few accessories.

Wear the right shoes: Black patent leather shoes are traditional footwear with a tuxedo. Please make sure they are polished and in good condition. Socks should match the color of the pants, not the shoes.


Don’t wear a suit: A tuxedo and a suit may look similar but they are not identical. A suit must be more formal for a black-tie event, so wear a tuxedo instead.

Don’t wear a belt: A tuxedo should be worn with suspenders, not a belt. You should hide the suspenders under the jacket, so choose a pair that is comfortable and fits well.

Don’t wear a sports watch: A sports watch is inappropriate for a formal event. Choose a dress watch instead or leave the watch at home.

Don’t wear a cummerbund and suspenders together: Wearing a cummerbund and suspenders simultaneously is a fashion faux pas. Choose one or the other but not both.

Remember to groom: A tuxedo looks its best when worn with a clean-shaven face, trimmed hair and polished shoes. Make sure to take the time to groom yourself before the event.

The Best Occasions You Can Wear a Tuxedo

Theatre and Opera: When attending a theatre or opera performance, wearing a tuxedo in any OKC hall shows respect for the performance and the artists. The audience is expected to dress formally, and a tuxedo is perfect.

Events and Private Parties: Formal events such as galas, charity events and private parties are perfect for wearing a tuxedo. The host may specify the dress code but a tuxedo is always a safe choice when in doubt.

Weddings: If the wedding invitation states “black-tie,” a tuxedo is the expected attire. However, if the dress code is “formal,” it is best to ask the couple for clarification. Weddings are a popular event where you can wear a tuxedo, and it is essential to ensure you are dressed appropriately.

Prom: Prom is a rite of passage for high school students and a tuxedo is a perfect way to look your best. While not all proms are black-tie events, a tuxedo is still popular among students.

Allton Is Here for You

If you’re attending a formal event in OKC, remember that a tuxedo is the standard dress code for black-tie events. Follow these dos and don’ts to ensure you look your best, feel comfortable, and impress everyone around you. With attention to detail and proper grooming, you’ll be the best-dressed person in the room. Contact Allton’s Clothiers if you are in OKC and need a brilliant-looking tuxedo.