Tracing the Footsteps of Men’s Fashion Through the Ages

Tracing the Footsteps of Men’s Fashion Through the AgesEvery stylish gentleman today stands on the shoulders of fashion pioneers from the past. From the elegance of the 1930s to the self-expression of the 1960s and the rise of online fashion in the 2010s, understanding the progression of men’s fashion provides a fascinating glimpse into societal changes. Reflecting on history will offer a well-tailored perspective if you have a desire to look dapper. Dive deep into this sartorial journey and discover the transformative phases that led us to today’s men’s fashion wearhouses.

Late 18th Century Men’s Fashion

In the late 18th century, men moved away from the extravagant silks and velvets of the Baroque period. They leaned toward simpler garments that signaled virtue and citizenship, with darker, solid fabrics becoming the norm.

The Long and Lean Clothing Style of the 19th Century

OKC’s 19th-century men showcased a penchant for long and lean clothing. Trousers with high waistlines and frock coats gave an elongated silhouette. This era introduced the modern suit and tie, setting a professional tone.

The Ultimate Clothing Elegance of the 1930s

The 1930s brought forth an era of unmatched elegance. Double-breasted suits, wide lapels and fedoras characterized the gentlemanly look of this decade, setting the standard for timeless style.

The Ready-to-Wear Fine Dressing Sense of the 1940s

The post-war 1940s saw a surge in the ready-to-wear industry. Fashion wearhouses for men started producing mass-produced garments, which meant more men could access well-fitted clothes without custom tailoring.

Smart and Employable Look of the 1950s

The 1950s emphasized the ’employable’ look. Think well-tailored gray flannel suits. This era made men look sharp yet understated, merging professionalism with subtle style.

The 1960s Witnessed Individuality and Self-Expression

Enter the era of self-expression! The 1960s witnessed the rise of individuality in men’s fashion. Men embraced colorful shirts, patterned ties and even bell-bottom trousers, breaking traditional molds.

The 1970s Made Hippie Rebel Fashion Trendy

Hippie counterculture took center stage in the 1970s. Fashion wearhouses showcased vibrant patterns, flared pants and longer hair, emphasizing freedom and rebellion.

The Era of Power Dressing Was the 1980s

The 1980s saw men dressing to impress. Power suits with broad shoulders became iconic. The tie was a staple, symbolizing authority and status in the corporate world.

The Introduction of Casual Chic Look in the 1990s

Casual chic dominated the 1990s. Men ditched power suits for relaxed-fit jeans, T-shirts and sneakers. The rise of grunge also influenced the style with its relaxed and rugged appeal.

The Influential Hip-Hop Tailoring Made Its Way in the 2000s

The 2000s welcomed hip-hop-inspired fashion. Oversized shirts, baggy jeans and baseball caps redefined urban style, marrying comfort with swag.

The 2010s Brought Widespread Online Fashion

Digital disruption in the 2010s changed how men shopped. Men’s fashion shops went online, with e-commerce allowing for tailored shopping experiences and global style inspirations.

The 2020s Are Witnessing Stellar Look

The current decade continues to blend past influences with modern innovation in Edmond, OK. Sustainable fashion, gender-fluid designs and tech-integrated garments are reshaping the sartorial landscape.

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