Summer and Spring Men Wedding Outfits Do Not Have to be Boring

Summer and Spring Men Wedding Outfits Do Not Have to be BoringFor men, thinking about wedding attire is not as essential as for women. We understand that men barely think about fashion and attire before a wedding. But that doesn’t mean their attire has to be boring or something off-the-season. A black suit with a dark-colored shirt is not an ideal summer or spring wedding fashion. Are you one of them who is in a sweaty dilemma?

Do not worry; as an expert Sartorialist, Alton’s Clothier has come up with exceptional fashion ideas from their men’s Wearhouse. In OKC, we have been leading the fashion tale for decades. Read on to get some trendy and incredible ideas to spice up this wedding season!

The Dress Code Challenge:

Most marriages in Oklahoma provide a specific dress code for men and women. If that is the case, you need to abide by it. Wait, don’t get stressed already. Find out what the dress code is- formal, casual, semi-formal??? Don’t worry, and we have got your back! If your invitation says a formal dress code, you can always go for a suit and shirt combo. Try choosing a light-colored shirt like white or baby pink and pair it with a Blue or Denim colored suit. Add a black tie for a complete formal look, and you are good to go!
For a semi-formal and casual look, scroll down!

Summer Smart Attire:

Your summer smart attire is a semi-formal wedding look idea. You can wear a light-colored linen shirt with chinos, perfectly accessorized with loafers. The tie is entirely optional in this case; you can go for a nude-colored tie or a black one; it completely depends on you. Otherwise, this simple look is best for the warm weather and will never make you uncomfortable.

Summer Casuals:

For a casual look on your summer wedding day, wear a T-shirt and Demin or a pair of Chinos- whichever makes you free and comfortable. Pair it with a cool and trendy wristwatch and flip-flops. You can also go for desert boots or minimal leather trainers.

Cocktail Fashion:

If a cocktail party follows the wedding day, take extra care of your entire attire. You can get your Linen suit tailored with a quick twist. Go for a printed tee along with solid-colored blazers. A statement jacket will give your look a complete dreamy feeling! Your better half will keep you from other gorgeous women at the party. What more do you want?

Rock Your Wedding Party with Us

Alton’s Clothier has professional Sartorialists who can provide you with the best ideas regarding your look. Be ready to visit the topmost men’s Wearhouse in Oklahoma now!