Step up Your Style: The Charm of Gentlemen’s Dress Shoes

Step up Your Style: The Charm of Gentlemen’s Dress ShoesDo you think shoes are an essential part of any gentleman’s wardrobe? They serve a functional purpose and enhance the person’s style and personality.

Men’s dress shoes in OKC come in various styles and colors, from classic black leather oxfords to trendy suede loafers.

Add formality and elegance to any ensemble by choosing exclusive footwear.

What Are the Available Types and Styles of Men’s Dress Shoes?

Dress shoes come in various types and styles to suit different occasions and personal preferences.

Chelsea Boot

Slipping your foot into Chelsea boots gives you immense pleasure because of their lace less style. Keep your ankle comfy with a stretchy elastic patch and round shape toe design. Wear a casual suit and put on a Chelsea boot and you will impress the passerby with your stunning look.

Pull up the boots over your heels with a low heel and a distinctive fabric tag at the back. The absence of laces results in a sleek and slender appearance. These boots are an excellent option for those seeking a more formal shoe style that maintains a modern, streamlined look.


Are you more comfortable with the slip-on option? Well, loafers are your ideal choice. You can try the dressy or casual style, whichever suits you best.

If you have ever tried moccasin shoes, you will love loafers for their relaxed appearance and sewn toes.

Typically, they have a saddle or a strap across the vamp, with tassels or metal bars sometimes added for decoration. The type of loafer you choose will determine how formal it appears and wear them with a suit for business appointments.

There are different variations of loafers available-

Penny Loafer

Penny loafers typically comprise leather and feature a strap across the top of the foot, traditionally holding a penny for good luck. Penny loafers are versatile and you can slip them on for both casual and formal occasions. They are also known for their comfortable fit and timeless style, making them a classic addition to any wardrobe.

Bit Loafer

Bit loafers are slip-on men’s shoes with a metal “bit” or horse-bit ornament on the top. Leather is the primary material for making. When looking for a classic, sophisticated style, give it a try.


Oxfords are the standard version of men’s dress shoes. You can call them Balmoral Shoes. The closed toe and lacing with sleek and well-defined silhouette, slight heel and cap toes represent a stunner look. That closed lacing system creates a tight fit for the shoe, resulting in a great shape. They are versatile and go well with business suits, making them appropriate for office wear.

Moreover, you can try them on formal events with a tuxedo if you choose whole-cut formals. The defining feature of oxford shoes is the closed lacing, where the facing remains attached below the vamp, creating an eye-catching outline at the foot line when you lace up.

Monk Straps

Monk strap shoes are a distinctive style that catches the eye with metal saddle buckles and straps. These shoes are an intermediate option between Oxford and loafers.

In terms of construction, monk straps are the same as in Oxford. They are easily identifiable because they use buckles to close them up instead.

Monk strap shoes come in two main variations-

Single monk straps have a single buckle or thin strap closure on the sides.

Double monk straps, rather than traditional laces, feature two buckles or straps on the sides. They are more stylish and unique for the double strap design.

Derby Dress Shoes

Derby shoes are like Oxfords regarding the overall shape and design, but the stark difference is their lacing style. Derby has open lacing, whereas Oxford has closed one. The open lacing gives a much broader look and a cozier feeling.

They have individual leather strips on alternative sides, forming flaps to pass laces. Derby shoes don’t go with formal wear.

Brogue Shoes

Brogues are a type of decoration in a shoe. It involves perforations on the shoe, usually on the seams and toe cap if oxford or derby shoes have brogue styling that makes them less formal.

The Wingtips

When the shoes have a wing-shaped toe cap with perforations on the entire cap to the shoes’ heel, it is a wingtip shoe.

The Semi-brogue

When there are dotted perforations along the seam, it is semi-brogue or half-brogue.

The Quarter Brogue

If you notice fewer perforations, only around the shoe’s natural seam, it is a quarter brogue.

Longwing Brogue

It is similar to the wingtips but has perforations extending up to your heel seam.


Chukka boot has a unique pattern with a low ankle and typically laces up with only two or three eyelets. These boots often consist of suede. With a round-toe design with minimal stitching, it is incredibly comfortable. Chukka boots are famous for their low shaft and open-lacing style.


Blucher shoes also have an open-lacing system. The single cut in the upper, small leather strips sewn on the quarter’s sides to attach the eyelets, makes them unique. They are suitable for various occasions, such as an evening out, formal events etc.

Opera Pump

Opera pumps are the most formal dress shoes that exist. They date back to the Victorian era and are still popular on exceptional occasions. A low pump heel with a grosgrain bow on the front makes them a fantabulous choice for many. Attend full-dress weddings, operas and galas and wear your opera pump.

Patent leather is used to make them, but they have a slightly higher heel. You can recognize them for their low-cut toe and a slip-on style.

Dress Boots

Dress boots are a stylish alternative to traditional Oxford or Derby, featuring a shaft that extends up to the ankle. Identify them for their small heel, lace-up design and a long shaft that extends up to the ankle.

You can wear them on informal occasions. The dark leather provides them with an excellent look.

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