Seasonal Men’s Shoe Buying Guide Only for You!

Seasonal Men’s Shoe Buying Guide Only for You!

In today’s fast-paced world, buying a suitable pair of men’s shoes comes with a lot of underlying factors. Colors, styles, brands — all of these are important, and there are so many varieties of them, it can be bewildering. That’s why, as a reputed fashion guide in OKC, we’ve put together a guide to help you choose the perfect shoe for each season. Read on for the tips!

Shoe Colors

We’ll come to seasons later, but let’s have a quick word about shoe colors first since that seems to be the most important deciding factor in the play. Men’s shoes tend to be somewhat limited in color selections with generally darker shades. The palette revolves around black, tan, brown and white colors.

Other colors like red, blue, green, yellow etc. don’t appeal as sophisticated dressing — though there are plenty of sneakers available in outrageous colors. But be honest — do you really want to go to the office or a party in electric-blue and green high-tops? There’s a reason these leather colors came to be standardized.

Summer Shoes

Beat the heat in all-purpose casual attire with white sneakers! If you want to be funkier with a beach party or something, you can opt for some brightly colored options as well. But if you are working and would be walking or standing a lot, then better choose a comfortable slip-on sneaker of tan or faded green. Attend your formal business in casual derby shoes. And if you want to be totally casual and earthy, get some colorful sandals.

Spring Shoes

Come out of hibernation with retro sneakers and bold colorways. Dress for business with the canvas oxford and look cool. Taking a getaway or a short trip? Wear brown flip-flops. Boat shoes in earthy colors are always a safe bet for most standard-day attires. And for hard work, choose chukka boots for comfort and durability.

Fall Shoes

Both smart and casual, the leather chukka boot hits the spot well in this season. If you’re going camping or trekking, then of course you’ll need some strong hiking boots — choose for durability and grip rather than looks. Brogues work well both in office and shopping. And when you’re relaxing, some light sneakers can never go wrong with jeans.

Winter Shoes

Built for durability and grip on city streets, lug shoes are your best friends on an icy road. The brogue again agrees well with most day-to-day activities in winter, while a tan oxford will carry you through business meetings like a charm. If you want to make a stronger statement, choose a chelsea shoe instead. And in thick snow, better wrap up well in a thick, dark-colored sneaker.

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