Did you know experts have announced the most popular color trends in tuxedo rental businesses in Edmond? We got the data from the most searched entries on Google during September as marriage events continue to peak over winter.

Are you curious to know what the hottest color trends this season are? We have aligned a few hues with the most popular styles to take out some of the mystery for you. Let’s explore the trends to find out the most suitable match.

Most Popular Color Trends These Days

The most popular color trends for tuxedos this season are dark navy, gray and black. Nowadays, people prefer sophisticated dark blue more tuxedo more for special days.

Cornflower blue tuxedos are another super popular trend. It provides comfort in a daytime wedding. This color blends well with traditional styles in the most striking way.

Grey Tuxedo

Grey is one of the most versatile colors for tuxedos and suits. This hue goes well indoors or outdoors. No doubt, grey can adjust the shade with accessories. The darker grey shade is suitable for evening ceremonies, while the lighter shade is for daytime weddings.

Black tux

Indubitably, you can compare nothing with a classic black tux. But timing is the main factor here. Many people like to choose black color, which gives them a classy look that goes well with the event.

Brown and Tan Colored Tuxedo

Are you set for a destination or daytime wedding? Perhaps, you are looking at a summery or bohemian wedding. Brown and tan are the most down-to-earth colors that offer a casual look. Tan colored tuxedos are perfect for any daytime event, whether it is a large outdoor party or a garden party. You can also include accessories that allow you to switch it up on the big day.

It’s Your Day!

The darker shade of tuxedo rental can increase the formal vibe. Our experts can help you to fix that. Schedule your appointment at Allton’s Clothier in Edmond to get started.