How Do You Wear Your Shirts – Tucked in or Untucked?

How Do You Wear Your Shirts – Tucked in or UntuckedWhile you are paying attention to comfort and style, you might often overlook one of the important factors of buying a shirt – and that factor is the length. Each manufacture has their own sizing chart. Hence, there is no one-size-fits-all formula that will help you in choosing the appropriate length of a shirt. You can also choose custom shirts in OKC to match with your necessity.

The length of the shirt plays a real important role because it will determine whether you can tuck the shirt or have to leave it untucked. It is a daunting task to find the perfect length of shirt that will fit your requirements. So, let us start with the basics of shirts that can be tucked in or left untucked.

Tucked In:

Suppose you have a presentation to make or a date to impress. Your first choice should always be a dress shirt that can be neatly tucked in. Tucked in shirts give you a more polished and professional look.

So, when you are planning to wear a shirt that can be tucked in, look for shirts that have longer hem or a ‘tail’. However, the best result for a crisp dress shirt would be to have custom shirts in OKC. You can choose the exact length of your shirt when you go for custom made shirts.

Untucked Shirts:

Now, when you are going for a less formal event or catching up with old friends, you want to keep things less professional looking. You can choose shirts that do not have visible ‘tail’ and the hem is cut square. There are multiple style options that you can choose from depending on your style and the occasion that you are going to attend.

Shirts that you can wear without tucking in are polo shirts, tropical or Hawaiian shirts, denim button-up shirts, turtleneck shirts, and even some short sleeve shirts. If you do not feel comfortable in buying these types of shirts, you can visit your tailor for custom shirts in OKC that will fit you.

Get Bespoke Shirts:

Allton’s Clothier is a well-established clothier in Oklahoma and we are proudly helping our customers get their personalized shirts since 1995. Whether you want a tailor-made shirt to wear underneath your suit or a casual shirt that you can leave untucked, we can offer you the perfectly stitched shirts. So, if you are looking for custom shirts in OKC, get in touch with us.