Find Your Inner Diva – How to Dress for a Business Meeting

Find Your Inner Diva - How to Dress for a Business Meeting

Whether you are trying to land a big client deal or simply attending a meeting with your employer, following the dressing code is highly important. There are enough things to worry about at work without looking shabby too.

To make the meeting successful, you must go through the meeting management process, including preparing for the conference, organizing, writing down the agendas, etc. When it comes to decide what to wear, both men and women find it highly stressful.

However, you don’t need to worry about it at all. We, Allton’s Clothier in OKC, are here to guide you on our outfit to a business meeting. Contact us anytime if you haven’t got quality men’s formal wear in your wardrobe.

What Can You Wear to Casual Meetings?

  • Shirt

You should wear collared and buttoned-up shirts in casual meetings. Make sure you press your shirt and tuck it in.

  • Blazer

Generally, it is not required for casual meetings. However, wearing a blazer reflects your style statement to even the most casual look. You can wear a blazer with minimal patterns or solid dark colors.

  • Pants

Smart trousers or chinos are acceptable for this type of meeting. If you can wear jeans in your company, try wearing straight-cut dark denim with no rips.

  • Outwear

Keep in mind a trench coat or formal wood jacket will work just fine.

  • Shoes

Wearing suede or leather brogues in black is an is excellent idea. If you’re feeling a little bold, experiment with brown.

  • Accessories

You can opt for a stylish but subtle belt and watch with this outfit. It provides a completely casual yet professional look the entire time.

What Should You Wear in a Formal Meeting?

  • Shirt

Wear a buttoned-up white shirt. This is a classic wardrobe staple that goes well with any occasion and looks good on any man.

  • Suit

Wearing a two or three-piece suit in a meeting is entirely all right. But you have to ensure that the suit is made of high-quality material. A professional tailor can make your suits fit you in the most flattering ways. Coming to colors, dark charcoal or navy is the best in this scenario.

  • Accessories

A leather belt, watch, silk tie and high-class cufflinks are fantastic.

  • Shoes

Black or brown oxfords would be just fine.

Dress to Success

Indeed, many people don’t give importance to what they wear in the office. But it contributes to the first impressions others form of them. However, don’t feel too pressured. It’s completely fine if you are not concerned about your dress and external appearance too much. Wear clothing you would remain most comfortable in and follow your office dressing codes. To get tailored men’s formal wear in OKC at a reasonable price, contact us at Allton’s Clothier.