Dress for a Black Tie Event: 5 Men’s Shoes to Wear with Tuxedos

Trust us you are not the only one; we have met our fair share of men who break into a sweat when they receive an invitation to a black tie event. Why, you ask? Well, because dressing in formals can be a pain. Rushing to rent a tuxedo or digging out your only one from the closet, fretting over dry cleaning while you look for Youtube videos on how to tie a bowtie is…stressful to say the least. Amidst all this mayhem, it is easy to forget about the other most important component of your formal attire – shoes.

What Kind of Shoes Can I Wear With My Tuxedo?

#1 Cap-toed Oxfords

Cap-toed oxfords in leather (including the footbed). The leather ensures that the shoes look and feel amazing. The build is made such that they hug your feet comfortably throughout the night without any signs of pain.

#2 Plain-toed Oxfords

You can never go wrong with a pair of classic patent oxfords at a black tie event. The fact that they have been around for decades and are yet to go out of style definitely says a lot about how evergreen oxfords are. When buying oxford men’s shoes, we recommend looking for a pair that blends style and comfort. Invest your money in a good pair that will outlast the years with proper care.

#3 Velvet Slippers

Tuxedo slippers are certainly less common than other types of formal footwear, but that’s not to say they aren’t just as good, if not better. Slippers can be the fitting punctuation to your tuxedo ensemble. Now think, the same slippers but in black velvet. With those, you can build a look dripping in luxury. Since the black tie attire is fairly straightforward and devoid of glitz, velvet slippers can be the glamorous accent you are looking for. Worried if these will be of use once the wedding season is over? Guess what, a pair that luxe can elevate any look to newer heights.

#4 Tasseled Fine Grain Leather Loafers

Many of us find patent leather and velvet too glitzy for our taste. Finely grained leather can be the solution. It is jazzier than basic calf leather, and the texture gives the shoes just the right amount of character. Tassels on the toe box can animate the look a little more, but feel free to skip over if tassels aren’t your style.

#5 Sneakers

Sneakers are men’s shoes that go well with every item of clothing imaginable. It’s no surprise that sneakers can add a hint of funk to your black tie wear. If you are not entirely confident matching sneakers with a tuxedo, we suggest you find a pair with black leather uppers. Sneakers will keep you looking good without hurting your feet at all.

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