Do You Rent a Tuxedo to Go to Carnival Cruise Ships?

Do You Rent a Tuxedo to Go to Carnival Cruise Ships

Most people get dressed well for going to a night on cruise ships but they have to face a huge problem. They have to pack the tuxedo in their bag before going to the party. One of the saddest parts is that they have to carry a garment bag, despite that they have to iron the tuxedo. Here, we have discussed a more proper way to get ready for a night on cruise ships so that you do not have to pack the tuxedo and bring it all the way long. You can also contact a tuxedo rental service before attending the party. Therefore, you do not need to carry a tuxedo.

You can get various types of formal wear according to your taste from the carnival such as vests, jackets, trousers, cufflinks, suspenders, dress shoes, pocket squares, ties and socks. But remember, if you rent these clothes, then you have to pay more money. Therefore, it would be recommended that you should bring your own shoes, tie, and shirt. but obviously, you can rent suit jackets and pants or a tuxedo. Everybody brings their extra pair of clothes. But if you do not have any cufflinks, then you can get this at the Carnival cruise ships.

The Cost

Keep in mind that every cruise has various prices and it can change in time. Let’s check the prices of formal wear with Carnival.

  • Vests = $25.00
  • White Dinner Jacket with pants and 4 shirts = $124.00
  • Black Tuxedo = $87.00
  • White dinner jacket and one black tuxedo = $120.00
  • the price of Black Shoes is $13.00
  • Suspenders = $10.00
  • White or black contemporary tuxedo with long tie = $110.00
  • the cost of the socks is $6.00
  • approx. cost of pocket squares are $8.00

How Can You Rent the Tuxedo From Carnival?

First of all, keep in mind that you should rent formal wear two weeks before the sailing date. Moreover, you have to prepare all of your measurements before calling them. In case, if you do not have any measurements, then you can also download a form from the Carnival website and take the form to the tailor for getting the right measurement. If you want to get a tuxedo for a temporary purpose at a cheaper price, then you should contact a tuxedo rental service.

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