Choosing the Best Formal Wear — A Brief Guide

Choosing the Best Formal Wear — A Brief Guide

Do you ever think about what makes a man handsome? Why do ladies fall in love with a man? It is not always the height and perfect body measurement. There is more than that which attracts the opposite gender- their personality. Personality is how you are talking and what type of clothes you put on, for example, men’s formal wear in OKC goes just beautifully.

If you wear a crisp shirt with an appropriate tie and polished shoes can bring out the charm. But there are some factors that you need to know before purchasing the right dress perfectly suiting your body type. Today, we will talk about the features you will need to look for while buying a dress.

1. Look Up Your Measurements

Every person has a different measurement of their body. These measurements are generally taken across shoulders, length of arms, waist size, leg length, neck size, inseam, etc. You need to make sure your garment matches your sizes before you make the purchase.

2. Fitting Matters

Most people aren’t even aware of this, but the fitting of a formal shirt and trousers define the man’s character starkly. Every fashion statement has a particular fit — regular, loose, and slim. Snugly clinging to your skin, a slim-fit shirt and pants will tell an entirely different story than that of a loosely fitted garment. Which one looks better on you, that’s the question.

3. Patterns and Colors

At the end of the day, it comes to what colors you can pull off, with what patterns. Most formal wearers don’t care much about patterns, instead hit solid colors better. But which colors? Depends upon the mood completely.

Solid colors are the better choice for men’s formal wear in OKC because they go with most other colors and are easier on the eye. But you can also choose light stripes in muted one or two tones. Generally, striped shirts are considered less formal than solid colors but depending upon your business, they can be a more eye-pleasing choice.

4. Style and Cut of the Shirt

The next thing you will notice about a formal shirt is its style and cut. These are subtle things that still can make or break a fashion statement. Especially look for the shapes and sizes of the collar, cuffs, and pocket as you choose your formal shirt.

5. About the Fabric

We can write a whole book on formal wear fabrics (as they have been written already). But in short, cotton will keep you comfortable while polyester is easier to maintain. Most people choose cotton for comfort or a cotton-polyester blend.

Need Good Formal Wear?

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