A Complete Buying Guide of Men’s Dress Shoes

A Complete Buying Guide of Men's Dress ShoesPeople usually wear expensive and gorgeous clothes but completely forget about their shoes. Many think wearing any shoe is not a big deal. But a pair of shoes can ruin your expensive makeup or attire in a second if it doesn’t compliment. We know that every event has a different dress code. For that, every dress requires a specific type of shoes.

Without them, your attire is incomplete and may affect your overall personality and taste. However, men’s dress shoes in OKC are one of the most common shoe types, which go well with almost every type of event. Read this article to learn things about these shoe types.


Experts consider a brogue one of the most stylish and fancy among all types of men’s dress shoes. The kind of shoe has decorative stitching dawned with perforations and serrations and has a timeless feel and look. People prefer it the most because of its flexibility. Wearing these men’s dress shoes, chino shorts, and a neat collared shirt would be perfect.


It is one of the most formal and standard dress shoes in the American market. The simplicity capture the essence of both class and grace.

The designers close the bottom of the lace under the vamp in these shoes. In addition, this pair of shoes may come with a cap-toe design which you can wear at any formal event.

Monk Strap

Experts categorize this shoe between an Oxford and a Derby regarding formality. While putting on a double monk provides a military feel, a single monk is more timeless and understated. Experts design the double one with a toecap. Years before, people used single monk straps as an alternative to sandals.


Wearing a chukka goes well with casual attire. It attracts everyone’s attention with a stylish range of material choices, three-piece construction, natural leather, and suede. Those who have already worn these men’s dress shoes know perfectly how comfortable these shoes can be. You can also wear a chukka in formal and dress, but it goes best with a suede set.

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Before putting your money down for men’s dress shoes, you must know it is worth it. You should own these shoes more than a single pair which offer more expression and freedom according to your personality and style. However, contact us at Allton’s Clothier in OKC to get the best pair of shoes.