6 Smart and Attractive Summer Wedding Styles for Men

6 Smart and Attractive Summer Wedding Styles for Men

What about a summer wedding-fest like we’ve never seen before? When it comes to wedding suits this summer, Men’s wearhouse is your go-to source for all things wedding attire. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or a more formal affair, finding the right balance of style and comfort is essential.

Formal and Black Tie Styles

Renting a Tuxedo Is a Formal Approach to Function:

Summer weddings have a first rule: There must be a strict dress code for the groom and his men. Setting the tone for the guests is the groom’s tuxedo and his groomsmen’s suits. We all know that wearing formal attire for an event like this is the best way to capture its elegance and sophistication, but it doesn’t mean that everyone will be sweltering in the summer heat. Consider the fabric’s breathability and flexibility, as well as its ability to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable, when selecting a garment.

Make sure to adhere to the dress code for black-tie events: black tuxedo, white tux shirt and black bow tie. Brightly colored suits and neckties are out. Accessories like cufflinks, button studs and a pair of slick dress shoes can help you personalize your look.

Tuxedos are not required for black-tie optional weddings, so black, charcoal grey, and dark blue suits can be worn. This is one of the essential parts of men’s wearhouse.

Linen Suits for Semi-Formal And Cocktail Attire Are Both Beautiful And Comfortable.

The second principle of summer weddings is that the groom and his escorts must be the most stylish. Try not to overshadow the main event for the sake of the visitors. To avoid the dull 9 to 5 office suit, opt for a more colorful and personalized look for your wedding attire instead of the standard black tie attire for black-tie-optional events. To make the most of this year’s summer wedding season, play around with your style and reframe your look.

Linen suits and achievement fabric suits, like the blue wedding suit below, give you the stretch and breathability you need to tear up the dance floor long after the after party. The best suits are those in tans or whites made of linen, but you can jazz up your look even further with patterned ties and brightly colored or pattern-patterned socks.

Wedding Dresses for a Summer Wedding

It’s All About the Tan Suit Weddings.

Unique looks are acceptable in the third rule of summer weddings.

Try something new for your summer wedding clothes if you’re looking for a change of pace. It’s the perfect combination of style and creative thinking that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. In addition to drawing attention, the suit’s slim-fitting design enhances your post-quarantine summer physique. For the summer, the light colors and satin-edged peak lapel would be a refreshing change of pace.

Let’s end the debate about what to wear. Even a three-piece suit like the one shown above is appropriate for the big day. A seersucker pink, slim-fitting option is also a good choice. Summer weddings are a time to celebrate brighter hues! If you want to stand out from the crowd, don’t be afraid to go all out.

Casual Attire for Your Wedding

Guests can wear more casual attire to weddings held during the day or at a less formal location. In other words, you can get rid of your tie, pocket square, and other formal accessories. Having said that, if the jackets come off after midnight, you might want to consider wearing suspenders.

The wavy, zigzag patterns on seersucker suits make the bright colors stand out even more at casual summer weddings. Suit jackets with narrower lapels have a vintage Hollywood vibe. Alternatively, you can wear chinos. Consider wearing a pair of penny loafers instead of your usual shoes for a change.

Wedding Styles for a Destination Wedding

Wedding Suits for a Beach Wedding

The size and formality of the venue will determine the appropriate attire for different types of destination weddings, so be sure to check ahead of time. Choosing a suit that won’t get destroyed on your way to Mexico, the Caribbean, or any other island/beach where your tropical wedding will be held is also important.

Beach wedding attire epitomizes nothing more than light-colored suits and floral-patterned shirts. Even without a belt, a well-tailored pair of pants will give you a more contemporary look. Loafers, patent leather derbies, or any other light-colored dress shoes will complete the tropical look.

If you are going to create an innovative yet attractive men’s wearhouse and look for your summer wedding, come to Alton’s Clothier in Edmond, OK.