6 Killer Suits That Should be in Every Man’s Cupboard

Suits are a significant part of a man’s image. If you own a good suit, you would be able to present yourself as a gentleman in any given situation. On top of that, they look outstanding. There are countless reasons why you should consider getting a suit in OKC. But which one do you get? To answer that question, we have listed some of the best men’s suits in OKC.

Choosing a Men’s Suit That Resembles Your Image

There are a variety of suits available in the market. But according to the leading suit companies, these six are the best for your wardrobe.

  • Classic Suit: Classic suits have been around for a long time. They make people look good since the beginning of the last century. The design has good breathability, so it is also a very comfortable option for men. Wear this to business meetings and parties and grab maximum attention.
  • 3 Piece Suit: A 3 Piece Suit is a fantastic fit when you are attending a wedding. 3 piece suit allows you to roam around in the entire venue with full swag and confidence. So stock up your arsenal with this beauty before the next wedding season arrives and you look your best at your next wedding invitation.
  • Tuxedo: Tuxedos are the most used and preferred suit in the modern world. If you are looking for the best cases in OKC, a tuxedo must be on your list. A classic black silk Tuxedo combined with a shining white shirt can easily outshine everybody else at the party.
  • Double-Breasted Suit: The buttons of the suits play a vital part in the aesthetics of the attire. The double-breasted suit was designed to satisfy this factor at its best. The extra buttons and the enveloped jacket add a lot to the picture. If you are looking for a suit for your formal needs, this is the best men’s suit in OKC.
  • Lounge Suit: Until now, we have been talking about suits according to what occasion they are best suited for. But if you need an all-purpose suit, then a lounge suit could be your best buy. Even though it has a casual vibe, you can quickly wear it to your office. Other than that, a lounge suit can save the day if you have a date or a wedding to attend.
  • Shawl Lapel: If a suit has a circular lapel from the button to the buttonhole, it is called a shawl lapel. This type of design is mainly seen on a tuxedo. Naturally, this is a good fit for weddings. So make sure you get one of these when buying your suits in OKC.

Allton’s: The Biggest Wardrobe in OKC

Suits can only help you shine if they are appropriately made. That is why you must get your suits made from Allton’s Clothier. They have some of the best suit manufacturers in the country. With their help, your men’s suit will look the best.