5 Popular Dress Shoes Every Man Should Consider

It is a common myth that you can know about a person (mainly cleanliness) by noticing their shoes. You can express your dressing sense, personality, and cleanliness through your shoe choice. It is especially true for men.

That is why most men are more concerned about their shoes instead of the whole attire. Are you one of those confused souls? If you recently received an invitation to attend a business party or casual one, consider men’s dress shoes in OKC. This shoe can easily uplift your confidence and shape your external appearance. Read this article to learn more about the kinds of shoes.

Monk Strap

Monk strap is one of the most common and popular men’s dress shoes so far. It comes in one, two and even three buckles. You can opt for any of these according to the party theme and your choice. Monk strap with one strap gives you a minimalistic approach and multiple buckles make you more fashionable.


These type of formal shoes for boys is mainly for more serious occasions. For example, if you wear a formal suit to attend a business party, Oxford is the right choice. These men’s dress shoes give you a completely classic look without putting in the extra effort. Many people prefer to hide the flaps on their shoes. In general, men are likely to purchase black or brown colored Oxfords to give an elegant touch to the entire appearance.


When it comes to bluchers, people often confuse this shoe with the Oxford one because of their similar look. But one of the main differences between these two men’s dress shoes is the lacing system. You must know that Oxford has a close lacing system, but Bluchers have open ones. It is mainly available in dark shades and ornamental stitching.

Seasonal Men’s Dress Shoes- Dress Boots

Men purchase this type of shoe mainly to walk through mud, rain, and snowy roads. Usually, Dress Boots have a similar look to Bluchers, but they have higher ankles comparatively. You don’t need to dress up differently to wear this pair of shoes. This can go well with any sort of dress.

As you live in OKC, tornados and other storms are quite common there. That means you have to travel outside in bad weather often. In that case, Dress Boots are pretty efficient in tackling these problems and also give you a fashionable approach.


This type of shoe can go well with any dress, especially for a casual look. For example, wearing these men’s dress shoes is bliss for traveling far. You can quickly take off and on your shoes in security checking at the airport. You can wear this type of shoe in any casual or formal outfit. Various kinds of loafers are also available in the market, like penny loafers and boat shoes.

Comfort in Every Step

When it comes to purchasing a pair of shoes, always go for what is more comfortable for you. There is no means to wear one which is fashionable but less comfortable. Give importance to another factor- what you really need. Wear a pair of shoes according to your requirement and the type of occasion you will attend. If you want to explore various options, contact us at Allton’s Clothier in OKC.