5 Golden Rules for Men to Keep Dressing Sharp in Their 50s

5 Golden Rules for Men to Keep Dressing Sharp in Their 50sWhile we may have bought in the Paul Rudd is an immortal theory (some of us still refuse to believe otherwise), a closer look seems to reveal that apart from superior genes and apparently the supernatural, there is another factor that keeps Rudd aging like fine wine over the years. Yes, we are talking about his dressing sense and style.

Do not be the kind of man that shifts his fashions to the back burner on hitting the big 50. In fact, it is time, now more than ever, for you to flaunt your wardrobe. By now, you must have frequented enough men’s wearhouse and accumulated a personal style. Finesse everything that you have picked up and give Jeff Goldblum a run for his money.

#1 Color Block is Your Best Friend

We do not mean you should retire from color, but it is time you lean towards neutral and tonal hues. Stay away from bright neons, acid colors, and pastels. Instead, opt for a wardrobe primarily focusing on beige, camel, navy blue, forest green, and maroons.

#2 Invest in Statement Pieces

Now that you are finally in your 50s, you should start investing in statement wardrobe items. From cashmere pullovers, briefcases, dinner suits, and who knows, maybe even premium leather biker jackets – use your 50s as an excuse to create the wardrobe of your dreams. Do make sure that you get these classic pieces in evergreen neutrals. If you are putting in money, your wardrobe should outlive the ever-transient comings and goings of trends.

#3 Opt for a More Mature Silhouette

It is time to bid adieu to drainpipe and slim lapel suits. Got some still left in your wardrobe? Pass them down to your son or donate the ensemble to goodwill. Thrift shops work just as well.

Choose wider lapels, and trimmed, two-buttoned jackets. For lowers, go with tailored, flat-fronted, straight trousers.

#4 Subtle Designer Accessories

Filter out large, gaudy statement pieces from your wardrobe. The 50s are around when brash accessories begin to scream MID-LIFE CRISIS! Of course, designers can still be used to play out in your favor. Visit reputed men’s wearhouse and find subtle accessories that are a nod towards your sense of style rather than spending power. For example, lapis lazuli cufflinks with a black suit will look amazing. Thinking more casual? Perhaps some comfortable loafers and a designer watch? Remember that, this article does not aim to restrict your fashion choices. We encourage you to invent and reinvent your style. We are merely stating what the general consensus points towards.

#5 Never Forget: Confidence Is the Key

A lot of men let themselves go when they hit this half-century mark. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, recently divorced, or been married for 20 years; you still deserve to take pride in the way you look. The adage about men looking better and better with age is 100% true. Use it to your advantage every now and then. Believe us, that grey stubble is working hard for you.

Great Fit, Attention to Detail, and More

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