3 Popular Shoes Every Man Should Own in 2022

3 Popular Shoes Every Man Should Own in 2022

Just like even the most expensive sports car does not perform well with low-quality tires, your outfit too is not complete with the wrong pair of shoes. Every outfit requires a particular pair of shoes in a style and color that elevates the wearer’s entire look and personality. Not paying attention to your footwear can ruin the whole outfit.

Read this article to know about various styles of footwear and get a clear understanding of men’s dress shoes in detail.


Sneakers are one of the most popular types of footwear for men across the world. Even women have their own range of sneakers. If you like to pump yourself up with an assortment of numerous choice designs, then sneakers are perfect for you.

The sole in a pair of sneakers is made of rubber which makes it adaptable for everyone. Today men wear sneakers almost everywhere- workouts at the gyms, tennis, and dates. Sneakers are also known as runners, athletic shoes and trainers in different parts of the country.

Chukka Boots

Chukka boots have become an intensely popular product among men because of their military and sports history. The British Army wore these shoes in the desert during World War II earning them the name desert boots. These boots must have a few defining features like two or three eyelets, the top of the shoe hitting at the ankle and a rounded toe box. These boots also have a crepe sole and are unlined traditionally.

Lace-Ups and Men’s Dress shoes

Men’s dress shoes and lace-ups have been in vogue for as long as there have been fashion statements. This footwear style is popular worldwide. Men can wear these shoes to work. Lace-ups and men’s dress shoes provide a classic and professional look in the workplace.

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